Venezuela Blocks Border Bridge for America Aid


As Venezuela political situation are going in a tight position and government are fear about its sovereignty , in all difficult conditions Venezuela s government create blocked at the point of Cucuta which is the  commercially important  for reaching border . Today some of American aid trucks were reach at cucuta but these aid trucks did not enter in Venezuela . As Madura Government were blocked its road so that international aid and any thing could not enter its Territory.

In this context Donal Trump again warns Venezuelas president , besides venezuelas president said ” we are not beggars ”  while international community say that Venezuelas people are suffering for medical aids and food . Though the government of venezulas government did not confirm it and they said that they do not suffer for any thing specially food and medicine . US Secretary ” Pompeo ” say that in his twiter the blocked shoud be over for the betterment of Venezuelas people and government should not do any inhuman activities with his own people specially opposition leaders and supporters .

Besides President Maduro call for national unity in a television conference . and he order his militery to remain loyal and order armed forces to defend venezulean territory .

Venezulas armed forces commander declared  ” Loyal Always , Traitors Never ” this declaration directly or indirectly means that military forces consent remain to the positive view for Maduro president .  and Military armed forces   say in a television appointment that ” we are ready and prepared to participate in a process of sovereignty so that no one can harm our country and our countries people as well .

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