Toxic Caries in Americas Coal County


In the are of Southern west in Virgina People of this area are suffering worst for being acute pollution said by a report by that place inhabitants .  As coal mining are doing here and various multinational company and American company are going to coal mining in that place and people of that area are going to see the acute change and suffer more new problem and face pollution for the cause of mining activities . Though there environment polluted in a low level but this pollution are going to very high at present situation and it create very difficult situation for that place inhabitants to live here easily .


Some pole claim that their daily commodities materials are going to discolor and their washing machine sometimes are being stooped operation for being water pollution .   Most of the people suffer for skin problem , in water people found  Iron , Sulfur , even arsenic and a survey show that most of that areas people suffer for cancer at the last age .

They found a strange smell in their water and their Drinking water jerk turn into dark orange color and they found sediment in the  of their drinking water Jar .

They can wash their hands and can not bath by this water , can not wash their cloths if they wash their cloths by this water their clothes seems to like fade by sun heat . In that place population is under assault from both water and air   sometimes this polluted water create chronic diseases . They already know that they live under cancer threat as they live heavy polluted mining area , There water smelt like rotten eggs .

Though some environmental specialist say that they would deeply concern about this matter and find the better solution for this problem and they want to save environment . Mining company say that they would take  immediate steps if find any unhealthy situation .

But in all over condition people want to stop the mining activities in that place for being better living and from being remove themselves from cancer diseases and chronic diseases .

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