Macro-Economic Challenges in Bangladesh Market


There are two major economic drivers in Bangladesh one is Garments Export and another is Foreign Remittances. But most of the garments factory are suffering from the proper capital utilization and efficient man power. Besides most of the garments factory do not receive or enjoy the good and their right facility from the government.

As government are failing to fulfill their proper supervision and monopolization in garments factory, Bangladeshi garments factory are continuously suffering from many directions. Though this great economic sector are running a great share of Bangladesh economy and it is still now a large economic drivers of Bangladesh economy.  

If government would provide better facility for garments worker they increase their proficiency and efficiency from at present situation. Researchers say that it is better for Bangladeshi government to find out the lacking reasons and provide the credit facilities for garments founder so that they can increase and run their production activities more and more.

However it is also need to rise voice for government to rise voice for garments worker legal rights and take instant action so that garments worker can speak courage to speak their legal rights and can receive their wages and salary at that right time .

To bring garments order at present many factory level high officials work for it but if government help garments factory so that in Bangladesh garments factory receive more order from Europe and America and can participate the domestic economy and Bangladesh economy can go the boost position .

Not Only Bangladesh Government but also along with its associated people should come forward to develop it and to plan for the development of this sector so that it can contribute Bangladesh economy largely and strongly.

Bangladesh major competitors are China, Vietnam, India, as well so it should remember that our competitors are looking for do the better in this field so Bangladeshi garments sectors deliminator should concern about their competitors and also should keep peace with the latest technology and information and thinking style.


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