Bangladesh Secondary Market System May Help its Economy


After liberation Bank Default loans are occurring in various ways and economic vines, Default loan a strong crime and many corrupted people and agencies are involving with this not only different agencies but also many bankers are involving with this crime and they do it by base of commission, though Bangladesh Bank and Bangladesh Government had taken some necessary measures to stop this crime but maximum time they had been fail to stop it.


Most of the defaulter request loan to Bank by showing some big productive project and big firm, but after receiving loan they have to pay low attention to repay the loan. If Bangladesh Bank supervise all loan activities around the country and can take the immediate steps and catch the people at red handed and appeal for the judgment this types of crime may not be acute at present time.


At Present Bank loan defaulter as go high as unthinkable position and for this our economy face huge cash shortage problem and they are failing to provide loan to the real customers and business holders. There are two types of Bank Loan Defaulters. one is willingly and another is unwillingly or in another sense we can say that one defaulter is agencies and another is personal defaulter. Both of default create economic crisis and create the shortage of cash capital of Banking system and money market as well.


Bangladesh government is going to take active steps for stop loan default from Bangladesh Market. Government declares that the loan defaulter would not go abroad after the decision of central government. They would banned from this country.


Bangladesh Bank will find the real exporter when bank would provide the loan to any business proprietor and if some fake proprietor would apply for Bank load they must have to face difficulties and many problem.


Bangladesh Bank Governor Fazle Kobir said that proper guideline will make a sustainable conditions and proper corporate governance should be make and chain management can do the stop to loan default .


Every people and organization should aware about loan default along with business owners and exporter and top government officials as well then we can stop it and our economy would face a good Impact and Bank would not face money deficiency



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