Bangladesh Agricultural Policy Upgrade


As Bangladesh have a huge potential land and fertile land and its weather is very good for agricultural

Product to produce most of the dry land area of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh land area is one of the best potential land areas to grow crops and different type’s vegetables and fruits.

This country can easily dominate the global agricultural market in this world. For this reason

Bangladeshi agricultural firm should increase farm productivity. An efficient productive farm can grow

Its product commercially and can fulfill the local demand and global demand as well.

As maximum agricultural farm in the world grow their agricultural product by scientific way and develop

The all management of product and its reservation.

If low developing country like Bangladesh produce their product in a scientific way and maintain strategic

Methods and theory and can maintain proper supply of their agricultural product they can easily get the

Benefit from it.

Many developing countries farmers are suffering for the cost rising problem. When farmers are going to

Produce their product in their field they buy raw materials and include labor and pay someone who hired

By farmer all cost are fundamental cost, but farmers face great problem when they going to sell their

Product in the local market or whole sellers as they find the very low price of their product.

So we should keep in mind that proper market monopolization  essentially need for agricultural farm and a

Proper management of agricultural farmer not only helps a farmer to boost this economy but also rather

Helps for the countries entire people as well.

Shortage of labor is another cause of agricultural farm disadvantage, most of the people in developing

Countries are not willing to do agricultural farm related activities though they have own farm and land,

And all these tendency and situation are making the shortage of labor some agricultural farm and all these

Make negative impact of agricultural farm and its related business owners.

Developing countries like Bangladesh need more machines for increase its production its prod agricultural

farm can increase its production.

if we notice we can see that most of the rural areas farming land do not use for agricultural farming as

farmers are unwell to farm their land because of they think they would face loss if they produce

agricultural product in their own land.

For this reason most of the areas in Bangladesh huge quantity and big areas farming land are not use for

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